This Now, More Than Ever

With contributions by, among others, Dana Claxton, Thom Donovan, Rosemary Heather, Antonia Hirsch, Allison Hrabluik, Am Johal, Marianne Nicolson, Michael Turner, Althea Thauberger, Peter von Tiesenhausen, and Tania Willard.

“What is this moment, this now, this present that we are encountering? …It is a present in which the divide between radical positions is increasing and the voices of a left are drowning in disbelief, alienation and fear. In the crush of this increasingly pressurized present, we understand the context of contemporary art as a space where a response is possible, necessary and connects to other calls to action. We asked local, national and international artists and writers to respond to the question: What is this new moment?

This exhibition document presents in book form 28 responses to the show’s eponymous question.