Altered States

Amy Huei-hua Cheng (ed.), with contributions by Huang Chien-hung, Sylvie Lin, Esther Lu, Cheng Lu-lin, Virginia PĂ©rez-Ratton, Dieter Roelstraete, Anri Sala, Monika Szewczyk, and Yu Wei.

“When we say, ‘this society’ or ‘this world,’ to what kind of society or world do we refer? And to whom does ‘us’ or ‘them’ or ‘most people’ refer? Although this form of reduction allows us to grasp a concept, it also obfuscates minute details and unique individual expressions. Perhaps we can proceed by examining the opposite side of the coin, embarking from the fragmentary and minute but concrete conditions of life.” (Amy Cheng) This catalogue accompanies the exhibition by the same name featuring works by Chen Chieh-jen, Donna Conlon, Rodney Graham, Antonia Hirsch, Lin Chi-wei + Xu Ya-zhu, Anri Sala, Wang Jun-jieh, Je Wei-li + Wu Yu-xin.